Al-Razi University

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Al-Razi University
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Qais Almohammadi
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University Rector
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Osamah Almaainah
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IT Manager
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Sharaf Shana
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Head of Translation & Publication Unit
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The establishment of Al-Razi University started under the name of Al-Razi College for Medical Sciences as an authorized educational institution in 2009. This college was specialized in the medical education that aimed at qualifying students in specialized medical sciences to match the society needs. It also contributed in offering the best of health services. In 2013, this college was developed to Al-Razi University to open new academic programs. To achieve this, Al-Razi University provided the required infrastructure such as, buildings, laboratories, curriculums, and academic staff with high qualifications, experiences and competences in the academic process. Al-Razi University has also proceeded the up-to-date methods and aids in the independent academic education that cope with the renewal and modern technology of education. Faculties and Specializations: Faculty of Medical Sciences: It includes the following specializations: Anesthesia, Pharmacy, Laboratories, Nursing, Midwifery, Community Health, Physiotherapy, and Medical Nutrition. Faculty of Computer & Information Technology: It includes the following specializations: Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Administrative Information Systems, and Networks Faculty of Human and Administrative Sciences It includes the following specializations: Accounting, Banking & Financial Sciences, and Marketing. Faculty of Higher Studies: It includes the following specializations: Business Administration, Intensive Care, and Epidemiology. In addition, Al-Razi University has two academic centers that enhance the activities of the university: 1. Training & Development Center that provides several training courses in the fields of English Language, computer skills, communication and development skills. For the university students and staff as well as to trainees coming from outside the university. 2. Quality and Academic Accreditation Center which concerns with applying and implementing the quality and academic accreditation standards in the university activities, and monitoring and evaluating these activities continuously.
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Al-Razi University is a private university in Yemen. Since its establishment, Al-Razi University seeks to serve the society in many fields. It aims at providing academic and educational services that match the needs of the society. The mission of Al-Razi University is to provide educational and research service matching the requirements of the academic accreditation, and to prepare graduates with high scientific and professional efficiency enabling to compete in the labor market and to contribute in the development of the community. Depending on its mission, Al-Razi University sets its objectives and strategy. It works hard to achieve the objectives taking in consideration, the practice of quality and community services in all its activities. Beyond its academic career, Al-Razi University is carrying out several activities. It has been conducting various training courses for capacity building of the community. For example, it conducts training courses in the field of health, education, computer skills and development for different categories of people using its professional staff. Al-Razi University encourage its students and staff to participate in activities that serve the community in the field of health. For example, the university staff and students participate in the health campaigns such as vaccination, blood donation and fighting Cholera. It also carries out activities to fund Cancer patients, and it invites community to conduct activities inside the university building and provides all facilities needed for such activities. In the field of study, Al-Razi University offers free scholarships for students with disabilities and special needs to enroll in its programs. In addition, Al-Razi University provides opportunities of education for different classes of people with no racial, color, regional or gender reservations. In addition, Al-Razi University provides jobs for all qualified individuals male and female. Actually, females represent nearly 50% of the university staff. Al-Razi University provides competitive facilities for its students so that they will be skillful and professional in their study fields and will join the labor market easily. For example, it signs many agreements with the labor market institutions to enable Al-Razi students practice and apply their knowledge in these institutions during study. Therefore, students will improve their skills and capacities with practical training of their specialties. In term of employment, Al-Razi University provides positions as fulltime or part-time for different those who are unemployed men or women. Al-Razi University encourages the top ranked students in all programs to join the university as teachers and demonstrators. As well as, it provides higher study scholarships for its staff to improve their academic and administrative career. After the students graduate from Al-Razi University, it has the responsibility for looking for jobs for its graduate and help them join the labor market. Moreover, when the students join the labor market, Al-Razi University carries a strategy of monitoring them to receive feedbacks of the continuous changes of the labor market needs. Such monitoring helps Al-Razi University to update its programs to match the needs of the labor market. To achieve its mission and objectives, Al-Razi University taking great consideration in scientific research through conducting and orienting the graduation researches, academic studies of the staff to study and investigate the community needs and problems. In the meantime, it develop the staff capacities and skills in scientific research. Al-Razi University hopes to carry out inter-cultural dialogue understandings with global nations, and invites international academic experts and offers scholarships for international students to study in it. Al-Razi University is working hard to apply and practice the best standards of quality and academic accreditation in its policies, activities and programs. For example, it hires the best-qualified staff and supply the updated facilities and equipment in order to fulfill qualitative outcomes. Finally, for more details, you are kindly welcome to visit Al-Razi Website using the following link: Or, visit our Facebook Page: