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Members of United Nations Academic Impact are expected to undertake at least one activity per academic year that supports one or more of the UNAI principles and report this activity to UNAI in order to remain a member in good standing. The purpose of the activity report is to encourage students, researchers, educators and academics to implement and practice UN principles at the grassroots level on campuses and in classrooms. The activity report also serves as a showcase of ideas for other members who can gather inspiration for events and activities on their own campuses and is a way for us to share the innovative work that is happening at institutions all over the world. Please note that as UNAI is a collaborative network activity reports will be made available on our website so that members can benefit from the experiences and expertise of each other.

ASPIRE Chapters should also submit activity reports via this form.

Please note that due to technical capacity limitations, at this time we can only accept activity reports submitted in English. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.