Millennium Fellow Claudette Igiraneza: Solace for Somaliland Girls

Claudette Igiraneza alongside two students at the American University of Beirut form the 'Solace for Somaliland Girls' organization to end all forms of female genital mutilation across communities in Somaliland through education and empowerment. Her Millennium Fellowship Project focuses on SDG 5: Gender Equality.

Early Start on the SDGs: School Children Learn the Importance of Sustainability

Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT), the UNAI SDG Hub for Goal 9, has partnered with local authorities in the city of Mitsuke to foster education and awareness of sustainable development among primary school children.

Millennium Fellow Christine Yen: Getting to Know Traditional Chinese Medicine

Christine Yen, a Millennium Fellow for the Class of 2019, provides a credible and effective platform for students of her university and the local community to access up-to-date information on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and its role in modern healthcare. Her Millennium Fellowship Project focuses on SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being.

Reporting from the Front Lines: Keeping Journalists Safe in War Zones

Aristotle University Thessaloniki (AUTh), through its Peace Journalism Lab (PJL), has been offering a training project on field safety in war zones for journalists.

May Goal of the Month - Reduced Inequalities

The May Goal of the Month editorial looks at the multifaceted impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to build back economies and societies that are more equal, inclusive, sustainable and resilient in the face of the defining issues of our time.

COVID-19 and Higher Education: Learning to Unlearn to Create Education for the Future

The article discusses the notable shift in higher education following the coronavirus pandemic that demands these institutions to focus on quality, relevance and agility of education to ensure adequate response to the emerging challenges. This may involve unlearning the conventional way of curriculum planning and delivery, and wholesome collaboration not limited to administrators, faculty, students,and employers.

INSEAD: Tackling Environmental Challenges by Harnessing the Power of the School’s Global Community

At the beginning of the year, INSEAD conducted its first Community Impact Challenge, calling on its community across campuses in France, Singapore, Abu-Dhabi and San Francisco to reduce or eliminate single-us plastic items in 28 days.

Ending Poverty Critical for Ensuring Social Justice

In observance of the World Day of Social Justice Kristu Jayanti College, a UNAI member institution in India serving as the UNAI SDG Hub for Goal 1 – No Poverty, through its Department of Social Work and in association with civil society partners, organized a national colloquium on Ending Poverty: A Pathway to Social Justice.

Millennium Fellow Agaba Francis Dunok: Kidsaid Uganda

Agaba Francis Dunok, a Millennium Fellow for the Class of 2019, provided disadvantaged and refugee children of Uganda with the opportunity to obtain primary school education through his organization Kidsaid Uganda.

Millennium Fellow Wanjiku Cynthia Mwangi: Transform a Girl’s Life Initiative

Wanjiku Cynthia Mwangi, a Millennium Fellow for the Class of 2019, aspires to end period poverty and to empower a new generation of women to become future leaders through the Transform a Girl’s Life Initiative. Her Millennium Fellows Project focuses on SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being and SDG 5: Gender Equality.

Creating a New Society through Environmental Education

The Franco-Haitian University of Cap-Haitian, a UNAI member institution in Haiti, has developed a project on environmental education as part of its community outreach and extension initiatives that is supported by the Association for the Development of the Northeast and the French Embassy in Port-au-Prince.

Engaging Students in the 2030 Agenda Through Civic Action

Each year freshmen at Lynn University, a UNAI member institution in the United States, participate in the Citizenship Project as part of a three-week semester called January Term (J-Term), which is intended to serve as an immersive program that explores innovative ideas and topics.

April Goal of the Month - Good Health and Well-Being

April’s edition of Goal of the Month focuses on Good Health and Well-being. It looks into the impact of COVID-19 on the different aspects of the development agenda - economic, social and environmental, ahead of World Health Day (7 April). The edition also highlights the work and challenges facing the medical community, paying tribute to the courage and dedication of health care workers on the frontline of the response.

Disarmament Education Interview Series

In the disarmament education interview series, United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) talks to experts and youth about disarmament and peace education resources created by the United Nations and educators for students, and how such tools motivate and inspire young people to take concrete action in support of disarmament.

Disarmament Education: Peace Education as a New Literacy

In this interview Professor Yoshiro Tanaka, Executive Trustee, Provost and Executive Vice President for Graduate Education and Research at J. F. Oberlin University in Tokyo, Japan, shares with UNAI an educator’s point of view on peace education.

Disarmament Education Series: Educating Youth through Art, Technology and Dialogue

In this interview, Ms. Soo Hyun Kim, the Focal Point for Youth Engagement at the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), talks about the educational programs launched by UNODA targeting youth.

UN Secretary-General Calls for Global Ceasefire to Focus on Ending the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Secretary-General of the United Nations has called for a global ceasefire in support of the battle against COVID-19 that is threatening all of humankind. While this message is intended for armed parties, everyone including young people has a part to play in defeating this global pandemic.

Disarmament Education: Youth at the Forefront of Disarmament Dialogue

In this interview, young activist Kehkashan Basu speaks to UNAI about the action that young people can take at different levels to contribute to disarmament.

Disarmament Education: Building a Safer World for All through Education

The first article of the disarmament education series provides an overview of the disarmament efforts of the United Nations and explores why disarmament education should become an integral part of education for the next generation.

Changing Lives by Revitalizing Housing

Fifteen houses, fifteen families and fifteen opportunities to change lives. Living up to the mission of transforming lives through educational excellence, La Salle University (Unilasalle) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been working since 2019 in partnership with the Housing Secretariat of the city of Niterói, in favor of economically marginalized and socially vulnerable persons.