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United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) membership is open to degree granting institutions of higher education that are accredited by the governing bodies responsible for overseeing higher education in the country. Membership in UNAI is also open to research institutions and policy think tanks that conduct scientific and policy research and whose work is published in peer reviewed journals or other peer reviewed fora. UNAI membership is not open to Model UN associations or NGOs/civil society organizations – please visit Education Outreach and DPI-NGO Relations for information on how to affiliate using these avenues. UNAI currently does not accept high schools, individual members or non-accredited universities as members.

This online form is designed for the formal enrollment of institutions of higher education granting degrees or their equivalent in the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) by, or authorized on behalf of, their President/Chancellor/Rector/Dean only. Please submit the application on behalf of the entire school and not one college, institute, faculty or area of the university (for example, the college of letters and science, the law school, the business school or the human rights institute). We cannot accept applications for one portion of the school and the application must be endorsed by the head of the university or research institution.

To help us review your application in a timely manner, please ensure that you include three separate points of contact in the focal point information, including: their full names (first and last, no initials), non-generic institutional email addresses, and their position/title with the organization. We cannot accept generic email addresses (for example, rector@school.edu, president@school.edu, info@school.edu, etc.) and we also cannot accept commercial email addresses (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.). Please do not repeat contact names as this will delay the processing of your application.

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