10 March 2017

مسؤول دولي يشدد على عدم وجود حل عسكري للوضع في أفغانستان: طالبان يمكن أن تكون جزءا من مستقبل البلاد

03/10/2017 - The Tadamisha Yamamoto, Special Representative of the Secretary - General for Afghanistan and Head of the United Nations Mission (UNAMA), the absence of a military solution to the crisis in Afghanistan , pointing out that the long - running conflict but also leads to more misery to the Afghan people and undermine the foundations of economic growth and development.

This came in a briefing to the Security Council, which he praised the the achievements of the national unity government so far, including the fight against corruption and the electoral process path as well as the economic empowerment of women, noting that there are still many challenges, and explained: "There are still a challenge significantly. the government follow - up efforts on the path of each of the comprehensive peace and economic growth against the backdrop of intense insurgency and deteriorating security situation. while the Afghan government to redouble its efforts in addressing these challenges, there must be strong international support for the political and financial terms, in order to progress in doing its job . " Special Representative pointed out that neighboring countries have highlighted support in bringing peace to Afghanistan, and urged those States to support the Government of Afghanistan in its efforts to achieve peace in the region. He added: "Afghanistan 's future must be built through a process led and owned by Afghans and for all Afghans. The quest for the road to peace must be through negotiations and not through violence. Should be on the movement of Taliban to enter peace talks without conditions. I call on all sides relevant actors to use their influence to this end. The government and neighboring countries and other major powers must reinforce the message that the Taliban could be part of the future of Afghanistan 's political and social fabric. " He stressed the commitment of the Special Representative of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) to stand by the Afghan government and work to create a momentum for peace, and called on the Security Council to renew the mandate of the mission.