3 March 2017

العالم يحي اليوم العالمي للأحياء البرية مصغيا لأصوات الشباب

03/03/2017 - The number of senior United Nations and its specialized agencies and officials appealed to young people in particular , work to protect the heritage of wildlife and the protection of wild animals and plants from extinction.&nbsp

Today , the third of March / March, is today approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations to celebrate the wildlife, by raising awareness about threats to wildlife hazards, and call to action in order to maintain it, so it was this year 's theme , &quotListen to the voices of young people.&quot The Secretary - General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres in his message for the day, &quothunting and trafficking of illicit pose a significant threat to wildlife , especially some of the most famous and endangered species around the world species. Strict application of the laws of whatever while longer, at least awareness of the issue the importance it up &quot, appealing to young people to protect their inheritance through awareness and action on the protection of wild animals and plants from extinction.

According to Amina Mohamed Deputy Secretary-General that over the past four decades, humanity has lost half of wild animals and plants due to loss of their natural habitats, climate change, over-exploitation, fishing and trafficking in illicit. The UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova has warned of the increasing crimes against wildlife over the past years. In spite of the decisions and actions that deny it, were not reserves UNESCO safe from these crimes. Bokova called on everyone to renew the commitment to prevent these crimes and to promote justice, especially young women and men thanks to the special role they play in this regard, and they are the change makers of today and the future of Trustees. Since the age group under the age of thirty, representing more than half the world's population, involving young people in the decisions that affect the world's wildlife is becoming irreplaceable. On the occasion of the World Day for wildlife, Multi Leteral Nations recognizes the dedication of wildlife lovers young and commends the role and potential for wild animals and plants that are invaluable for future generations protection. For example, the young people patrolling the forest to protect the rhino in South Africa, and Vietnam are fighting trafficking in wildlife products, working to save orangutans in Borneo, and organize workshops on wildlife in Canada, Valtotar collective youth broadband is can not be denied.