28 April 2017

الأمين العام يؤكد ضرورة تجنب الحسابات الخاطئة وسوء الفهم فيما يتعلق بكوريا الشمالية

The UN Security Council held a meeting at ministerial level on the prevention of nuclear proliferation, which dealt with the situation on the Democratic People 's Republic of Korea.

The head of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council during the month of April / April session.

Secretary - General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres condemned in the strongest terms the violation of North Korea 's repeated Security Council resolutions relevant.

"The pursuit of continuing the Democratic People 's Republic of Korea to develop nuclear weapons and missile programs ballistic, contrary to repeated UN Security Council demands on the cessation of those activities, threatens regional and international peace and seriously undermine international efforts for disarmament and non - proliferation of nuclear weapons."

The Secretary - General expressed his concern about the military escalation in the region, including what he described as erroneous accounts or misunderstanding. The concern was also expressed about the possibility that lead to deal with North Korea 's destabilizing activities of efforts to increase tensions and competition for arms.

"Responsibility of the DPRK is to comply with its international obligations. At the same time , the international community must intensify its efforts to manage tensions and mitigation. The lack of communication with the Democratic People 's Republic of Korea channels can be dangerous. Armed conflict in Northeast Asia, home to five residents the world 's GDP, could lead to international consequences. "

The Secretary - General stressed the need to avoid miscalculation and misunderstanding, and act now to prevent conflict and to achieve sustainable peace.

This means, according to the Secretary - General, to stop North Korea from conducting any nuclear tests, and to abide by Security Council resolutions, and is working to resume dialogue.

Guterres stressed the importance of opening and strengthening the channels of communication, especially between the military forces. The Secretary - General 's commitment to seek a political and peaceful solutions, and said he was ready to provide assistance in any way possible.

Turning to the humanitarian situation in North Korea, and pointed to a document issued by the United Nations recently on needs and priorities in the country.

He said that 13 agency of the United Nations and international non - governmental organization working in North Korea calls for providing $ 114 million to respond to the immediate thirteen million people to the needs of any half of the country 's population.

He said that North Korea 's population in need of assistance and generosity of the international community.

He called on Pyongyang to Guterres engage with human rights mechanisms of the United Nations and the international community to address the grave situation of human rights and improve the lives of the population.