7 April 2017

الأمين العام: الطريقة الوحيدة لإحياء ذكرى من قتلوا في رواندا هي العمل على منع تكرار تلك الأحداث

United Nations marks on Friday the twenty - third anniversary of the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994, during which also killed Hutu and others who opposed the genocide. 

In a message on the occasion of the International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda, the Secretary - General of the United Nations , Antonio Guterres , said that " the only way to honor the memory of the victims is to work to prevent the recurrence of such events." 

Stressing the need that the world is always mindful of the signs warning of genocide remain vigilant and address quickly and early to the imminent threat.
Said Guterres that the poison of intolerance is still widespread in the communities, and minorities and other groups continue to face attacks today and the colors of exploitation because of the identity of its members. 

He pointed out that history is full of tragic chapters ranging from hatred, inaction and abandonment, which led to a spiral of violence, imprisonment , and death camps.
He urged the Secretary - General to draw lessons from what has happened in Rwanda and solidarity in order to build a future of tolerance and that all may enjoy the dignity and human rights.

According to United Nations data killed more than 800 thousand people systematically in various parts of Rwanda in that period, most of them Tutsis, and perished with them other numbers of Hutu tribes and others.