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October Goals of the Month - End Poverty and Zero Hunger
October Goals of the Month - End Poverty and Zero Hunger

In October, we are highlighting Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 2 – No Poverty and Zero Hunger – as the Goals of the Month, in light of the International Days on Food, Poverty Eradication and Rural Women.

Professors and staff from the UMSS planting new trees near Montecillos, Tiquipaya. (Photo credit: Universidad Mayor de San Simón)
Universidad Mayor de San Simón steps up as an Afforestation Crusader

Universidad Mayor de San Simón has been developing a set of forestry and silviculture actions in the Cochabamba’s Metropolitan Region of Bolivia. Committed to Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land and Goal 13: Climate Action, the university’s initiative aims at combating forest loss and reducing the effects of climate change that has affected the region.

Institute Director Professor Balghis Badri with the African Union Delegation (Photo Credit: Mai Izeldeen)
Women’s political empowerment critical for a democratic, peaceful and inclusive Sudan

Throughout Sudan’s tumultuous history of revolutions against dictatorships, racism, and war, Sudanese women have long been held back from actively participating in politics. To promote gender equality and women’s empowerment, Ahfad University for Women, United Nations Academic Impact SDG Hub for Gender Equality, hosted a seminar entitled “Women’s role in Civil Government” and met with a High-Level Delegation from the African Union.

Santa Ines Health Center,  with view of the Antímano community
Andrés Bello Catholic University aids socially disadvantaged communities through 'Social Park' and health center service

In the midst of the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, Andrés Bello Catholic University works to strengthen bridges with socially disadvantaged communities and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through its Social Park initiative.


UNAI Quiz: World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated every year on 16 October, promoting worldwide action to promote food security and nutritious diets for all.

Over 820 million people in the world suffer chronic undernourishment, 60 per cent of them women, and each day 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes, a child every second. But amidst this hunger, there is also an epidemic of obesity due to a lack of access to nutritious, healthy food.

A view from the dais in the General Assembly Hall two days prior to the opening of the seventy-second session of the Assembly's annual debate.  UN Photo/Kim Haughton
UNAI Quiz: The General Assembly

The annual General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly has been called the World Cup of diplomacy, where world leaders gather at UN Headquarters in New York to discuss global issues. Established in 1945 under the Charter of the United Nations, the General Assembly occupies a central position as the chief deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations.

Welcome Back To School!
UNAI Quiz: Welcome Back!

Whether you are starting the first day of the academic year or returning from winter holidays, UNAI would like to welcome you back to school! During your time away from June to August, the UN has published tens of reports on issues ranging from climate change, to the global fight against AIDS, food and agriculture, youth participation in peace processes, and rural youth development. To bring you up to date on these pivotal reports, take a look at the following summaries of important findings and test your knowledge with our UNAI quiz below!

Three teenagers, including one who takes notes, smile during a lesson, in the capital's Kamulanga Secondary School, Lusaka. Photo credit: UNICEF/UN0145551/Schermbrucker  Generation Unlimited
UNAI Quiz: International Youth Day

International Youth Day is commemorated every year on 12 August, bringing youth issues to the attention of the international community and celebrating the potential of youth as partners in today’s global society!

Fernando Restoy Rodriguez
Meet our Intern: Fernando

Fernando Restoy Rodriguez describes his experience as an intern for United Nations Academic Impact in the Department of Global Communications.

Photo credit: A student from a World bank supported Higher Education Project does arc welding, Afghanistan, © Sofie Tesson / TAIMANI FILMS / WORLD BANK
UNAI Quiz: World Youth Skills Day

15 July is World Youth Skills Day, a day to encourage youth to celebrate the value of acquiring skills like building, making, and creating as a way to achieve personal success and fulfillment!

Young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and continuously exposed to lower quality jobs, greater labour market inequalities, and longer and more insecure school-to-work transitions. In addition, women are more likely to be underemployed and under-paid, and to undertake part-time jobs or work under temporary contracts.


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